The story of the trail and learning

Hiking, the great declogger. After melting down last week trying to get everything right, it was decided, hiking. Having missed the mountains, I said, yeah. But I did want to turn back halfway up the first hill. I was dragged kicking and screaming up and then down. But I needed a breather, needed to get … Continue reading

Soliciting Time Management tips

It’s the fourth quarter and there’s barely enough time to… Whoops, wrong activity. Although something could be said for time management here. When it’s not the strongest suit you wear, it’s just not. I know first hand. I doubt I am the only person reading great articles on the topic, wiping sweat and thinking; I … Continue reading

Author Interview with Ayeah Zaroah

Today I wanted to introduce a new author. Ayeah Zaroah just released the first, hopefully, of many, called, The Scent of Black and White in Kindle format for Amazon, Smashwords ebook formats, and a Nook Book offering on Barnes and Noble. Published as a short erotic romance. And sitting down with Zaroah, we learned a … Continue reading

The Joy of reasoning the reasoning of my Joys

The reasons for my joys aren’t simple things
Not the undefined colors of the winds or the way it sings
Nor the neon embrace of the moon
And the howling laughter of the sun
That’s not simple at all
But rather a complicity of the ethereal
The choreographed horde of life’s specters in all their splendors
Surely, you can see my reasons are not simple things, not at all Continue reading

The Two Year Lesson in Writing vs Telling a story

One of the things I said when I looked at the first piece I wanted to rewrite was, “where the {expletive} do I begin with this? This is crap!” An admittance that became the first of a few in the two years and change that followed. Painful as it were, it taught me to look at everything with fresh eyes. And I learned to swear. A lot Continue reading

Two Events to tell you about

There are two exciting events to share with you. One is to get a book published, the other is to sell copies of a new release that you may want to read. Event number 1 is a Kindle Scout vote. Consent By Oath by Kevin Allen, the follow up to Consent by Birth has been … Continue reading

Award Winning Five Guns Blazing is available for pre order

Award Winning Five Guns Blazing is available for pre order

Winner of the 2014 Chaucer awards Legend Category, Five Guns Blazing is now available for pre-order If you like Pirates, jolly ol’ England, and ragamuffins and such, buy it from Amazon now and get yourself set for an award-winning read. Five Guns Blazing by Emma Rose Millar and Kevin Allen 9  15  15