To Write or to Read?

Ever purchased a book and just couldn’t put it down or finish a book and the author’s name was stuck on your brain? I am beginning to suspect that today’s writers do not face writer’s block as often as they face the challenge of putting down a well-written, well-plotted book. Please correct me if I’m … Continue reading

Consent by Birth book one Trinity Breed

Consent by Birth book one Trinity Breed

Imagine you’re adopted. Known no real family, no name, just adoption for a short time and then clemency for the rest. You become a detective, with no real past to trace, no paperwork to scroll through, no story to identify you. You’re a tree without a root that even with some fame, no one comes … Continue reading

Anne Bonny: Queen of the Sea

Originally posted on Emma Rose Millar:
Ahead of the release of Five Guns Blazing I’ll be writing about some of the leading ladies and gents who have brought my novel to life and made it such a pleasure to write. I’d like to kick off with probably the most notorious female pirate, the flame haired…

The writer’s Block 2015

  What does one write on a blog that hasn’t had a hug in so long? Sure, I like most people who first set out to write a blog, sat and thought about writing a post that would get twenty-thousand views, or I should just write. A question I’m sure many asked when they sat … Continue reading

You little tease, Susannah!

Originally posted on The Bingergread Cottage:
My guest today is a returning author, Susannah Hutchinson who has finally come over in person to tell us about her new release on 24th April. I hope she is going to give us a “teaser”, hence the title. First off – what would you like to drink, gal?…