Thank You :)

It is not something I say often enough. But I wanted to thank each and every one of you who take the time to follow my blog, to like posts, to post comments, to click and support, to share, or simply just read the posts that are here. I hope I can continue to provide … Continue reading

Revision of Into The Vein

When my eyes took me backwards to my first release I realized how atrocious my first attempts at writing was. Still, I refuse to pull it from publication. I wanted it as a reminder that I did something I said I was going to do, and a reminder that a completed work takes time and … Continue reading

Consensual Release Party

Consensual Official Kindle Release Party – Support an author, buy a book for 99cents I’ve been a busy little bee, making my new Crime Novel, ‘Consensual’ into self-pub reality. A Novel that should have been made available in February, having setbacks and fits of, oh – oh, Consensual is now semi-live on a few sites … Continue reading

Hello – Good evening

Written in the evening, actually late at night. Just wanted to say hello to everyone. Yes I missed you. I have taken some time to deal with my life and do some thinking. I think smart people call it a sabbatical, except I worked too. But along the way I picked up some real good … Continue reading