The chair where no one sits Has eyes through which no one sees Gracious skin that no one feels A loving heart no one resists And, it seems, everyone fears it


The Silent Hill

The Silent Hill a poem by Kevin Allen The silent hill has no resting place anymore It is as loud and crowded as that other The one where the noises overshadow the quiet places of rest But there’s no resting there Not for the wicked Neither for the good It is a place of eternal … Continue reading The Silent Hill

The Stone Cutter by Melissa Bird

Poetry. The lyric we are defined by. The seed of life. This is where our pains our glories our wants and needs reside.  All balled into paradoxical strings preaching we are alive. We are here. Please enjoy the lyrics of Melissa Bird. The Stonecutter I cut at this stone some relief its trapped the figure … Continue reading The Stone Cutter by Melissa Bird

An Ode to the Editor

The proofread is where the battle begins. It starts when the editor looks at what they’ve been handed. They open it and read a few lines in. Looks up and gives you a cheeky smile that says more than it needs to, assuming you’re in the same room, which almost never happens to protect the poor writer. Could you imagine the headline? EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT: EDITOR STRANGLES WRITER DURING PROOFREADING!

The Joy of reasoning the reasoning of my Joys

The reasons for my joys aren’t simple things Not the undefined colors of the winds or the way it sings Nor the neon embrace of the moon And the howling laughter of the sun That’s not simple at all But rather a complicity of the ethereal The choreographed horde of life’s specters in all their splendors Surely, you can see my reasons are not simple things, not at all

Lyrical Passion – Patrice Rivers on the Writer’s Block

It has been a long time since the Writer’s Block has had a poet on the hot-seat. I thought I would correct that and went out to find a sizzling young Poet and author who dazzles with her prowess in word usage, Ms. Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers. This young lady has been putting words to … Continue reading Lyrical Passion – Patrice Rivers on the Writer’s Block

Mental Revision of a Spirit Lost On Amazon

Do you like poetry? We have a whole new world of poetry for you. The Spirit of yours truly found some of the stuff I used to put down and some I just started doing and composed a collection called, "Mental Revision of a Spirit Lost". Normal 0 A hundred degree hotter, that’s my fire … Continue reading Mental Revision of a Spirit Lost On Amazon

Slave to The Dancer

Lustfully taunting, her strut that smooth motion as she stalks my reality with her presence She's jovial at once and hellbent On making me take notice Of her existence I watch I watch and wonder why The hell would a woman so fine decide she has to try But her sultry moves makes me take … Continue reading Slave to The Dancer

The Writer’s Block With Author Triche Christmon & Her Chocolate Notes

Hey all, welcome back to the writer’s Block. I wanted to do something after featuring, “Life”, soon to be a part of a collection of poetry to steal the hearts and minds of readers everywhere. But I went out and did something even better. I’m bringing back more poetry, no not me; this is from … Continue reading The Writer’s Block With Author Triche Christmon & Her Chocolate Notes


Endless passion The romance of stones the way we dance under the fervent fragrance She was a lover I'd prefer to keep I felt her love even while I sleep she caught my wondering eye and kept it locked to her, her words, to the crown of her locks wondering around at nights hoping to … Continue reading Life