The Joy of reasoning the reasoning of my Joys

The reasons for my joys aren’t simple things Not the undefined colors of the winds or the way it sings Nor the neon embrace of the moon And the howling laughter of the sun That’s not simple at all But rather a complicity of the ethereal The choreographed horde of life’s specters in all their splendors Surely, you can see my reasons are not simple things, not at all

The Two Year Lesson in Writing vs Telling a story

One of the things I said when I looked at the first piece I wanted to rewrite was, “where the {expletive} do I begin with this? This is crap!” An admittance that became the first of a few in the two years and change that followed. Painful as it were, it taught me to look at everything with fresh eyes. And I learned to swear. A lot

Two Events to tell you about

There are two exciting events to share with you. One is to get a book published, the other is to sell copies of a new release that you may want to read. Event number 1 is a Kindle Scout vote. Consent By Oath by Kevin Allen, the follow up to Consent by Birth has been … Continue reading Two Events to tell you about

Award Winning Five Guns Blazing is available for pre order

Winner of the 2014 Chaucer awards Legend Category, Five Guns Blazing is now available for pre-order If you like Pirates, jolly ol' England, and ragamuffins and such, buy it from Amazon now and get yourself set for an award-winning read. Five Guns Blazing by Emma Rose Millar and Kevin Allen 9  15  15

Cruelty – The Women of Five Guns Blazing

The good times came when the masters slept or were away. The ugly returned when they woke or returned from their trips. While they were away were the times the slaves and indentured felt any semblance of freedom. Then there was the cruelty of the overseers. It would seem that part of the payment of … Continue reading Cruelty – The Women of Five Guns Blazing

Writing; the addiction of a hobbyist

What is writing but an addiction that romps through the veins and mind? Gleefully stealing hours and days, years, if one is not careful. May be it is why so many, like myself, wait till we get old to sit down and pen something. That first spill of ink becomes a life of tapping and … Continue reading Writing; the addiction of a hobbyist

Five Guns Blazing – A Mother’s love

A Five Guns Pre-release preview. Available September 2015. Meet Sarah. Age Unknown. The children of he Lynch Plantation has been her life. They respect her. She has those she personally watches over, nearly all of them. Runs the cook house. Tells them stories and even mends their clothing. And even with the burden of the … Continue reading Five Guns Blazing – A Mother’s love

The Elusive “Perfect Writing Spot” Solution

Thinking of writing but can’t find your best place or time? I know a place. Actually it’s the best place. I’ll tell you about it. If your favorite place to write isn’t you, you are really missing out on the most amazing place to go and pen or type – something. Of all the places … Continue reading The Elusive “Perfect Writing Spot” Solution

What a child Saw ~ a Five Guns Blazing Pre-release preview

The 1700s were a rough time to be an African. Still is. But, who would have known that children, white English children were given the dues of slavery too, or indentured servitude. That is what happened to Laetitia Beedham. Hair cut short. Dressed in boys clothing, called Nathaniel to protect her from the wiles of … Continue reading What a child Saw ~ a Five Guns Blazing Pre-release preview