The chair where no one sits Has eyes through which no one sees Gracious skin that no one feels A loving heart no one resists And, it seems, everyone fears it


The Sixth 5

Kevin Allen – Writer  ◊   Melissa Bird – Editor   ◊  Tia Myricks – Production  ◊   Krystal Clear Logics – Promotion and Digital Marketing The Sixth 5: Spirited It is minutes past two AM when the meeting room clears. Mrs. Norman is walking down a lit corridor with Hunter, Michael, and Javier. The conversation is light and somber, things … Continue reading The Sixth 5

The Sixth 4

Her name is Mrs. Norman. Sixties. Long white-gray hair with next to nothing wrinkles. A warrior who has weathered several wars and just as many attempts on her life. Despite her kind, sweet façade, Mrs. Norman has seen the worst atrocities people are capable of, first hand.

The Sixth 2

The Sixth Kevin Allen – Writer    ♦    Melissa Bird – Editing    ♦ Tia Myricks - Production    ♦    Krystal Clear Logics – Digital Promotion    ♦    TBD - Illustrator   ♦   TBD - Producer Episode Two: Sleep Cory thinks he lost them between Oak and Ridgedale. He had been able to … Continue reading The Sixth 2

Consent to Unleash a novel by Kevin Allen

“Crisis introduces us all to strength some of us don’t instinctively know we have.” In the newly released thriller, Consent to Unleash, that strength is coming with memories orphaned Boston detective Mark Morrison shouldn’t have, about a biological family he’s known about going on two weeks, and questions he wouldn’t want anyone asking. Before they … Continue reading Consent to Unleash a novel by Kevin Allen

Award Winning Five Guns Blazing is available for pre order

Winner of the 2014 Chaucer awards Legend Category, Five Guns Blazing is now available for pre-order If you like Pirates, jolly ol' England, and ragamuffins and such, buy it from Amazon now and get yourself set for an award-winning read. Five Guns Blazing by Emma Rose Millar and Kevin Allen 9  15  15

What a child Saw ~ a Five Guns Blazing Pre-release preview

The 1700s were a rough time to be an African. Still is. But, who would have known that children, white English children were given the dues of slavery too, or indentured servitude. That is what happened to Laetitia Beedham. Hair cut short. Dressed in boys clothing, called Nathaniel to protect her from the wiles of … Continue reading What a child Saw ~ a Five Guns Blazing Pre-release preview

Consent by Birth book one Trinity Breed

Imagine you’re adopted. Known no real family, no name, just adoption for a short time and then clemency for the rest. You become a detective, with no real past to trace, no paperwork to scroll through, no story to identify you. You’re a tree without a root that even with some fame, no one comes … Continue reading Consent by Birth book one Trinity Breed

The Marriage Counselor’s Secret Life – New Release

If you're looking for something new to read in the adult Romance genre, then you will want to check out he Marriage Counselor's Secret Life, by author Kevin Allen. It is 68,000 words of awkward, rip roaring fun from beginning to end. Kevin Allen continues his growth from a year ago, bringing his most delightful … Continue reading The Marriage Counselor’s Secret Life – New Release

Consensual Release Party

Consensual Official Kindle Release Party - Support an author, buy a book for 99centsI've been a busy little bee, making my new Crime Novel, 'Consensual' into self-pub reality. A Novel that should have been made available in February, having setbacks and fits of, oh - oh, Consensual is now semi-live on a few sites that … Continue reading Consensual Release Party