The Sixth 7

Kevin Allen – Writer  ◊   Melissa Bird – Editor   ◊  Tia Myricks – Production  ◊   Krystal Clear Logics – Promotion and Digital Marketin The Sixth 7 “My mother, I dear say.” Kiren playfully eyes Miriam. “Thinks I am her imagination and refuses to acknowledge me at times, as you see. But I would so not like to be … Continue reading The Sixth 7


The Sixth 3

Ninety percent of adult life for Cory Raymond has been filled with four letter words. On occasion, it is the higher end of the ninetieth percentile. Some days Cory gets really creative with those four letter words he’s learned to use efficiently. Cory learned them all while adulting and he would swear to that.

The Sixth

The Sixth Kevin Allen Episode One: Run   Cory knew he had to keep running even if his lungs imploded. If his pursuers caught him he’d spend time in that lab again. He didn’t want that. All he wanted was to be normal again. His legs were burning and getting heavy and his heart was … Continue reading The Sixth

Consent to Unleash a novel by Kevin Allen

“Crisis introduces us all to strength some of us don’t instinctively know we have.” In the newly released thriller, Consent to Unleash, that strength is coming with memories orphaned Boston detective Mark Morrison shouldn’t have, about a biological family he’s known about going on two weeks, and questions he wouldn’t want anyone asking. Before they … Continue reading Consent to Unleash a novel by Kevin Allen

Revision of Into The Vein

When my eyes took me backwards to my first release I realized how atrocious my first attempts at writing was. Still, I refuse to pull it from publication. I wanted it as a reminder that I did something I said I was going to do, and a reminder that a completed work takes time and … Continue reading Revision of Into The Vein

Shadow of the Streets: Midnighlight Release news

I am back at it again. This time I have just released, Shadow of the Streets: Midnight through Indie Publisher, GCP (Game Changing Publication). Shadow of the Streets: Midnight is the first in a series of short stories that will be released periodically in genres ranging from Paranormal, erotic, urban fiction, and so on. SOTS … Continue reading Shadow of the Streets: Midnighlight Release news