An Ode to the Editor

The proofread is where the battle begins. It starts when the editor looks at what they’ve been handed. They open it and read a few lines in. Looks up and gives you a cheeky smile that says more than it needs to, assuming you’re in the same room, which almost never happens to protect the poor writer. Could you imagine the headline? EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT: EDITOR STRANGLES WRITER DURING PROOFREADING!


ACTION: the jitters of writing to publish

It starts with an idea. The story. Months, years later, it’s time to take the first step. The decision to publish. It isn’t an easy decision with all the jitters running through writers once they’ve “finished” writing their story (that’s never finished), with all the options available. But it is a step that should be … Continue reading ACTION: the jitters of writing to publish

Writing: moving from hobby to small business

Reading all the information on well meaning friends and family who try to get you to adjust your sails left an impression. I didn't think I was sore. this week I was proven wrong. The word obsessed was used to describe my devoted time to writing development. After saying ouch, I went into defense mode. … Continue reading Writing: moving from hobby to small business

The Two Year Lesson in Writing vs Telling a story

One of the things I said when I looked at the first piece I wanted to rewrite was, “where the {expletive} do I begin with this? This is crap!” An admittance that became the first of a few in the two years and change that followed. Painful as it were, it taught me to look at everything with fresh eyes. And I learned to swear. A lot

Writing; the addiction of a hobbyist

What is writing but an addiction that romps through the veins and mind? Gleefully stealing hours and days, years, if one is not careful. May be it is why so many, like myself, wait till we get old to sit down and pen something. That first spill of ink becomes a life of tapping and … Continue reading Writing; the addiction of a hobbyist

To Write or to Read?

Ever purchased a book and just couldn’t put it down or finish a book and the author’s name was stuck on your brain? I am beginning to suspect that today’s writers do not face writer’s block as often as they face the challenge of putting down a well-written, well-plotted book. Please correct me if I’m … Continue reading To Write or to Read?

The writer’s Block 2015

  What does one write on a blog that hasn’t had a hug in so long? Sure, I like most people who first set out to write a blog, sat and thought about writing a post that would get twenty-thousand views, or I should just write. A question I'm sure many asked when they sat … Continue reading The writer’s Block 2015

Lyrical Passion – Patrice Rivers on the Writer’s Block

It has been a long time since the Writer’s Block has had a poet on the hot-seat. I thought I would correct that and went out to find a sizzling young Poet and author who dazzles with her prowess in word usage, Ms. Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers. This young lady has been putting words to … Continue reading Lyrical Passion – Patrice Rivers on the Writer’s Block